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Happy Christmas one & all /December 2021

Having missed out on a Christmas Party in 2020 we hit the Bullseye with a visit to Flight club in Manchester. We now know darts is not everyones natural talent, but still managed to stumble out without significant injuries!!
Naturally food & more drink followed, kicking off a well deserved Christmas break.
Thank you Flood family what a blast…. here’s to 2022!

Food Glorious Food /August 2021

It’s been really lovely working with the very talented Rob Morris on the latest Denby Christmas campaign.
Rob is a completely unflappable food stylist with a wealth of knowledge of anything & everything ‘foodie’!!
Despite all the assumptions of trickery in the world of food photography – using shaving foam instead of cream etc, Rob is a purist & I think it really shows in the images.
You can check out more of his clever work here www.rob-morris.com/


New team member alert! /January 2021

We are delighted to welcome Steff to the Flood Studio family!
Steff’s expertise in post production will be helping increase the studio work flow & be our guiding light with complex retouch solutions.
In addition, Steff has a solid back ground in CGI & will be helping develop what we can offer outside of traditional studio product photography.
With her can do attitude & bright demeanour, she’s a perfect fit for the studio & we’re looking forward to challenging her with our photoshopping woes!

Zak’s Everesting Challenge /August 2020

Very proud of my son Zak who completed an everest challenge last month. In one continuous ride, he cycled to the altitude of 31,663 ft, 52 times up the infamous local climb ‘Birdy Brow’, totalling 122 miles, which took 28 hours!!

His lockdown endeavour has raised over £3000 for charity & as a 14 yr old, makes him one of the youngest that have completed the challenge in the world.

I captured the highs & lows of the weekend and made a short film which has been subsequently selected by the Kendal Mountain Film Festival. Coming to a cinema near you soon!


Flat lay all day! /June 2020

Unless you’re a stranger to the internet and social media, you’re probably seeing flat lay photography gracing blogs and Instagram feeds on a daily basis.

A flat lay is simply a photo of objects arranged on a flat surface & they usually represent a style or inspiration for a collection/product. Some people refer to the angle as a bird’s eye view, and its a great way to showcase everything by meaningfully placing objects in relation to one another.

We tell this story very well with this ‘gif’ we’ve created for Denby pottery.

….and relaaaaaxxxxx /March 2020

Although this particular shot shows a lovely calm and tranquil scene, the shoot itself was extremely busy with our new client, Silentnight.

Over a manic 7 days, we set up 7 different room sets all with very different trends and colour schemes with beds ranging from cots to king size.

We thought it might be a bit of a stretch to get it all done but we really did bend over backwards and everyone was really happy with the final result.


In bed with Ted /February 2020

We brought a little hotel chic to the studio this month with the latest Ted Baker bedding.

The brief was to create a striking wall feature to compliment the bedding and Joe (our set builder) didn’t disappoint.

This range of luxury bedding makes catching forty winks a much more stylish affair!

We were A Mazed ! /January 2020

A visit to the Crystal Maze experience to kick off the annual Flood Studio Christmas Party will be a difficult one to top. With Joe re writing the rule book on team management, we finished way down on the official leaderboard but were arguably the team that enjoyed the most doubled up, tears rolling down face laughter moments EVER! Naturally food & drinks followed!  Now, what to do this year…….


’Tis the season! /December 2019

Another year nearly over…..where does the time go??? 

Happily there’s a distinct buzz around the studio with plenty of chatter relating to the highly anticipated works Christmas Do! I’m sure there’ll be one or two hot Vimtoe’s slurped and maybe a Mulled Wine if we’re feeling particularly jolly!😉

With this in mind I’d like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas on behalf of the team at Flood.



Time for T.E.A. /November 2019

It’s been a humbling process to watch my close friends carry out their amazing work with vulnerable children out in Sri Lanka. Wrapped up in a busy life, its easy to forget what a privileged situation that most of us find ourself in, so I’m super proud that Flood is supporting their efforts.  Check out the project below




Good clay for it! /October 2019

Being invited into the Denby Pottery factory to document the traditional process of making tableware has been one of the highlights of the year for me. It felt a real privilege exploring & photographing all the different departments in the journey from hardy Derbyshire clay to pottery designed to last. The craftsmanship involved in the 200 yr old process is something to behold – all in all, a fascinating day out of the studio.


Sugar, Spice and all things nice! /September 2019

Summer’s nearly over……did it ever begin? To cheer us up as the nights draw nearer, the master bakers at Cherry Tree bakery have been busy conjuring up sugary delights for us to photograph in the studio. The good news is there’s plenty spare for everyone to indulge. Now I know how Paul and Prue feel!


Shhhhh Croatia /August 2019

Having been under tight wraps, we can finally reveal the exciting project we’ve been working on throughout the summer. Due to our work on the lifestyle images, Sofology asked us to support their new TV campaign starring Owen Wilson. The project started in June when we flew out to Croatia to recce the locations, since then there has been lots of planning of style ideas/camera angles  and lots more packing before we went back out for 6 days to complete the job. First-rate collaboration with the other agencies involved has resulted in a very successful advertising campaign which we are proud to have been a part of…..


A Life Less Throwaway……. /July 2019

This month we had the opportunity of working with Tara Button, the author of ‘A life Less Throwaway’. She was lovely to work with & we shot a gorgeous series of images to support her mantra of buy me once. We’re lucky enough to work with some amazing British companies that produce high quality beautiful products, so it’s no surprise her message of buying long lasting, sustainable products ties in so well…..




Ink the Print /June 2019

It’s so lovely to see the Booth & co 2019 brochure land on our desks this month. With no less that 3 double page spreads & 20 full page images, the photography represents weeks of brain storming, planning, set design, set build & shoot. Throughout the process we worked closely with the team at Vado & we’re so pleased the booklet makes full use of the series of beautifully styled images shot during a busy week in June.


A fresh perspective ? /May 2019

Over the years we’ve photographed thousands of bedding sets….no overstatement! It’s not very often however that we decide to ‘shoot’ overhead. Recently we’ve discovered it’s a fantastic way to showcase intricate designs like this example from Ted Baker. The graphic nature of the image give’s a truly striking aesthetic. Amazing what a new ‘point of view’ can give you!


Welcome to the jungle! /April 2019

We’ve felt particularly excited to be working with superbly talented husband and wife team Paul and Nina from Woodchip & Magnolia. Their latest collection of murals and upholstery fabrics are exquisitely produced and really bring something brave and unique to the often dull world of textile and wall coverings. This Jungle themed design is definitely one of our fav’s!


BE PREPARED… to get soaked! /February 2019

We were asked to help a local Scout group in their preparation for attaining the Scout photography badge. In the spirit of the many Scout camps that I attended in the pouring rain, I decided to demonstrate the principles of shutter speed by exploding water balloons over a couple of willing volunteers. I managed to capture spectacular water droplets in motion as well as some hilarious expressions, whilst hopefully inspiring the next generation of photographers!



Happy New Year!!! /January 2019

There’s a fresh look to the studio this year with the creation of two new beautifully crafted sets. With the onset of 100s of sofas to shoot, the challenge of  designing a modular set to provide a varied backdrop was laid down. After lots of planning, the solution was to make a series of interchangeable components, flooring options and windows. Now fully functional we look forward to utilising the 79 configurations across the ongoing shoot…..


HO HO HO!🎄 /December 2018

In the words of the great Noddy Holder…..’It’s Christmas!!!!!!!!!’…… which means it’s time to ‘deck the halls’, open the mince pies and indulge in the endless Christmas repeats on TV with a warm mug of hot chocolate!

From the whole team at Flood we wish you a very Merry Christmas and a happy New year!

A Day out in Donny /November 2018

Despite Doncaster not being the most glamorous destination for a location shoot, we relished the opportunity to photograph Sharps latest collection of bedroom furniture down there.

A cold warehouse didn’t dampen our enthusiasm either….although a pair of long johns will be packed in my overnight bag next time!❄️


Run of the mill /October 2018

This is a project I’ve been really excited about photographing. It’s a massive restoration job on the outskirts of Burnley not far from where I went to school.

The town seems to be on the up….it’s a shame the same can’t be said for the football team!




Are you sitting comfortably? /September 2018

We certainly were when we kicked off September with Sofology’s latest ‘trend’ shoot. Inspired by Pantones colour predictions for next year. This was our favourite due to it’s edgy styling whilst managing to retain a feeling of ‘coziness’.

A glass of red in front of the fire would do nicely……bottoms up!





Och aye the ‘view’! /August 2018

A  week long break in Scotland for some R&R was just what I needed after a busy summer in the studio.

It was a time to empty the mind and take in some of the incredible scenary the British Isles has to offer.

I also braved the chilly swells of the North Atlantic to ‘enjoy’ a spot of Bodyboarding. Those icy waters made me appreciate the trip to the whiskey distillery even more!!




A flood of babies /July 2018

There’s been lots of baby talk over the past few weeks in anticipation of the arrival of two little bundles of joy!

Congratulations to team members Sam and Paul who both became fathers this month to beautiful girls Erin and Ella.

…..here’s to crying babies, sleepless nights and countless nappy changes.

It’s all worth it of course!

Spin to win! /June 2018

Being keen fans of the sport, we are delighted to sponsor a small, local dedicated junior cycling team. The Green Jersey are posting some impressive times & have a number of high placing & wins in national competition.We wish them well especially with the Junior Tour of Ireland on the 10th July, the Flood training kit looks like a winner!

Hive of activity /May 2018

Better start ironing the shirts!

We are really buzzing to be shortlisted for a Hive Creative and digital award this month which see’s us facing some of the best in the business from our local area. #hiveawards18

No April showers in Bath! /April 2018

It was lovely getting out of the studio for a few days this month and enjoying the great British sunshine, breathing in some fresh country air and shooting some brand new bedding designs with the Cabbages and Roses team 🙂

Around the block. /March 2018

Following on from the latest trend which is ‘Colour blocking’ we decided to use this with maximum effect on the latest Sofology room sets.

What do you think??

All in good time /February 2018

We’ve managed to make time to put one of our new brand signage ideas into practice as part of our studio spruce up…so there’s definitely no excuse to be late then.

and…..Action! /January 2018

Its been a busy few weeks shooting stills alongside a large film crew for Sofology sofas and quite challenging at times manoeuvring around ladders, boom arms, babies and dogs!!

But against all obstacles and Lou’s stopwatch, the end results speak for themselves.


A flood of good cheer /December 2017

…mince pies, sherry, sprouts, tangled sellotape, Monopoly, slippers and Home Alone.

Whatever your Christmas brings let’s hope it’s a restful one.

Happy Christmas from all of us here.

Big in Japan /November 2017

Konnichiwa 🙂

November brought a change from the normal shooting day in the studio (for Paul anyway) with an amazing and exciting trip to Japan. Which is one place everyone should go if they can.

We travelled all across Japan in a fun packed 2 week break taking in all the sights and loving all the different scenery, food and wonderful people………just don’t forget to pack your camera!!


A flood of changes /September 2017

We’ve changed our spots, not only with a fresh lick of paint but also a new name – evolving from Lime Creative to Flood.

There are many reasons why we thought the time was right for a change but in short, we’d simply outgrown our old brand. So we commissioned Telling Stories to help us define both our ability and our personality.

Our new name is underpinned by the simple idea that we’re really rather good at creating natural light, which is what many of our customers suggested was our super power… Well, that and the fact we’re a pretty good bunch to work with too.

We’d love to hear what you think of our rebrand so please do drop us a line.

Niels, Paul & the Flood team

Christmas comes early (again) /August 2017

On the road again to that there London town – we got into the festive spirit early (without touching a drop) by spending four days shooting Christmas in August… Is it too early to get excited about cranberry sauce?


Making a big splash /July 2017

Following a huge bathroom set build in our very own studio here in Darwen, enjoying an exciting day with the film crew was also a welcome added bonus.

The build was pretty demanding, but it was also very rewarding to work on such a large and complex room set and the results were well worth all the effort.


Peaks and troughs /May 2017

Who says photographers don’t know how to have fun? Well, probably no one actually… and although a day tackling Striding Edge then Helvellyn isn’t for a stroll for the faint hearted, we call it fun.

A great day was followed by a lively night out (obviously) in the name of team building – watch this space for our next adventure.