Flood: to fill or suffuse completely.“We flooded the room with light”

We specialise in producing real lifestyle product photography for discerning fabric & furnishings, food, crockery and outdoor brands.

We’re very good at creating stunning product photography which feels natural (if we do say so ourselves) – whilst at the same time, making our clients’ lives a whole lot easier.

Our studio is based in the North West, but we partner with a wide range of customers from across the UK, who tell us that we’re a bit different from the norm (in a good way, we hope).

The difference is our people of course, who are not only friendly and collaborative, but also fiercely driven to produce incredibly enticing imagery to show a wide range of products in their very best light.

A Flood of photographers

Niels Burgess

Niels Burgess /Director & Photographer

Niels is the go-to guy for overseeing projects and keeping everyone on track. You’ll find him on the phone organising, planning, cajoling and coaxing – to ensure we realise your minds-eye perfectly. With a comprehensive background on camera (he’s been around the block), Niels still gets his hands dirty in the studio too.

Paul Whittle

Paul Whittle /Director & Photographer

Paul has over 22 years of top-end studio experience which he uses to support our team and their day-to-day endeavours. With his expertise behind the camera, Paul is the driving force of Flood who can produce a creative, yet technically exceptional shot as quick as a flash (maybe not that quick actually – but he’s fast).

Lee Gwinnett

Lee Gwinnett /Photographer

Lee has a very considered approach to his work. He is a real people-person and loves to collaborate closely (and creatively) with our clients to bring their projects to life. Very talented in both lighting and camera work, Lee brings a serious work ethic to the studio, putting the graft in to produce tight work with tight deadlines.

Sam Catterall

Sam Catterall /Photographer

Sam has a great eye for composition and styling and naturally, he’s also the snappy dresser in the studio. Sam helps us to foster a creative and challenging atmosphere in the studio and is always on hand to crack some of our most technically challenging shoots with flair and ingenuity.

Josh Innes

Josh Innes /Junior Photographer

Josh has been slowly moving up the ranks since joining the team back in 2014. A skilful wildlife photographer in his own right, he is now putting into practice all the lighting expertise he has aquired from his talented co-workers.

Ben Brayshaw

Ben Brayshaw /Studio Assistant

Ben likes to keep busy and can usually be found managing our samples, building sets or organising our huge props department to keep our styling gurus well catered for. A keen skateboarder, he’ll spend his lunch breaks trying out new tricks.




Steff /Post Production/ CG Artist

Steff is a PC geek, but we won’t hold it against her. With a background in CGI and post production, you’ll always find her tucked away in a corner of the studio applying her fancy colouring in skills to our images.  Helping to increase productivity and showing us what we can achieve with a mix of our high-end photography and CGI.

A flood of happy customers

We work for and with a wide variety of product brands who, in many respects, all have differing needs. But one thing they all require is genuinely stand-out, beautifully impactful product photography which keeps them ahead of the game.

We help them achieve this, whilst also enjoying the journey along the way.

“We have worked together for the last 10 years, and the team approach every project with a huge amount of energy, creativity and lots of laughter. They are committed to each job and always go out of their way to support...”


“We’re new clients of Flood, but within quite a short space of time we’ve built a great working relationship with them, and their photography has been beyond our expectations.”

Telling Stories

“Always accommodating, unflappable under pressure and top notch photography that’s always on-trend and super-stylish!”

Nik & Carole